Our Team

Meet the Ruminant BioTech team.

We have a highly experienced and proven management team and a highly skilled and diverse R&D team, with extensive experience in animal health, pharmaceuticals, controlled release delivery systems, innovation, science, and engineering.


George Reeves

George has 30 years’ experience as a leader in agriculture, animal and human health, and FMCG. Formerly, he was the Marketing Manager for Farm Animal at Elanco & Bayer Animal Health, Bayer Consumer, Colgate & SC Johnson in NZ, Australia, and the UK.

John Fernandes

John has experience in strategy, finance, and continuous improvement. He has held roles at NZX, Goldman Sachs, JB Were, Mediaworks, Elevation Capital and Spark.

Geoff Corbett
Director of R&D

Geoff is an experienced manager of science and technology services for livestock farming and the agritech sectors. He leads the Ruminant BioTech R&D Team. Formely, he was a Business Development Manager at Analytica Labs, and he’s held roles in senior management at LIC as a GM of Biological Systems.

Research & Development

Dr Prabhat Bhusal
Product Development Team Leader

Prabhat has 16 years’ experience working in drug delivery and pharmaceutical product development in human and animal health, and manufacturing. He’s a former research fellow at the Otago University, Dunedin for Elanco, and Bayer Animal Health.

Dr Sara Masoomi
Research Scientist

Sara has experience in biotechnology, drug delivery systems, research, design and development of controlled-release systems for delivery of bioactives for aquaculture and agricultural applications, and in assay development and molecular techniques.

Dr Mark Lay
University of Waikato School of Engineering

Dr Neil Gladden
Trials Manager

Neil is a qualified veterinarian with extensive industry experience, including work with the Ministry for Primary Industries and in animal genetics. He has as more than 20 years’ experience in project management, including remote monitoring of animal health and animal trials.

Kirsty Kraakman
Science Analyst

Kirsty’s background is in agritech R&D, bioactive production and data organisation and analysis.

Logan Yan
Research Associate

Logan is an experienced leader of technology and processing in the pharmaceutical industry.

Hans Hockey

Hans has many years’ experience in study design, statistical power, analysis and biometrics in human pharmaceutical drug trials and animal studies. In the past, Hans has worked overseas for global leaders in human pharmaceuticals, the foremost been Pfizer.